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Priorities in research and development of vaccines against Plasmodium vivax malaria.

Graham V Brown, Vasee S Moorthy, Zarifah Reed, Kamini Mendis, Myriam Arévalo-Herrera, Pedro Alonso, undefined WHO MALVAC committee

Vaccine | Published : 2009


The WHO Initiative for Vaccine Research (IVR) Malaria Vaccine Advisory Committee (MALVAC) provides advice to WHO on priorities in malaria vaccine research and development (R&D). This document summarizes a MALVAC scientific consultation of leading vaccine scientists on priorities in Plasmodium vivax vaccine R&D. The meeting discussed recent advances and key challenges in addressing identified gaps in knowledge. Major areas of discussion included disease burden estimates, clinical disease spectrum definitions, potential target product profiles and immunological and clinical research needed to better inform antigen selection and vaccine design. The need for further development of the human chal..

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