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Ex Vivo Magnetofection: A Novel Strategy for the Study of Gene Function in Mouse Organogenesis

Terje Svingen, Dagmar Wilhelm, Alexander N Combes, Brett Hosking, Vincent R Harley, Andrew H Sinclair, Peter Koopman



Gene function during mouse development is often studied through the production and analysis of transgenic and knockout models. However, these techniques are time- and resource-consuming, and require specialized equipment and expertise. We have established a new protocol for functional studies that combines organ culture of explanted fetal tissues with microinjection and magnetically induced transfection ("magnetofection") of gene expression constructs. As proof-of-principle, we magnetofected cDNA constructs into genital ridge tissue as a means of gain-of-function analysis, and shRNA constructs for loss-of-function analysis. Ectopic expression of Sry induced female-to-male sex-reversal, where..

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