Journal article

Childhood brain insult: can age at insult help us predict outcome

Vicki Anderson, Megan Spencer-Smith, Rick Leventer, Lee Coleman, Peter Anderson, Jackie Williams, Mardee Greenham, Rani Jacobs

BRAIN | OXFORD UNIV PRESS | Published : 2009


Until recently, the impact of early brain insult (EBI) has been considered to be less significant than for later brain injuries, consistent with the notion that the young brain is more flexible and able to reorganize in the context of brain insult. This study aimed to evaluate this notion by comparing cognitive and behavioural outcomes for children sustaining EBI at different times from gestation to late childhood. Children with focal brain insults were categorized according to timing of brain insult, represented by six developmental periods: (i) Congenital (n = 38): EBI: first-second trimester; (ii) Perinatal (n = 33); EBI: third trimester to 1 month post-natal; (iii) Infancy (n = 23): EBI:..

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