Journal article

Male-Specific Expression of Aldh1a1 in Mouse and Chicken Fetal Testes: Implications for Retinoid Balance in Gonad Development

Josephine Bowles, Chun-Wei Feng, Deon Knight, Craig A Smith, Kelly N Roeszler, Stefan Bagheri-Fam, Vincent R Harley, Andrew H Sinclair, Peter Koopman

Developmental Dynamics | WILEY | Published : 2009


Awarded by National Health & Medical Research Program

Funding Acknowledgements

Grant sponsor; Australian Research Council (ARC); Grant sponsor: National Health & Medical Research Program; Grant number: ID334314.We thank Malcom Maden for the chick Aldh1a1 probe, Andras Nagy for the X-linked GFP mouse line, and Hiroshi Hamada for the Cyp26b1 knockout mouse line. We thank Anne Hardacre and the IMB animal facility staff for assistance in animal care. P.K. is a Federation Fellow of the ARC. A.H.S., P.K., and V.R.H. were funded by the National Health & Medical Research Program.