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Sequential indicator simulation and indicator kriging estimation of 3-dimensional soil textures

Y He, D Chen, BG Li, YF Huang, KL Hu, Y Li, IR Willett



The complex distribution characteristics of soil textures at a large or regional scale are difficult to understand with the current state of knowledge and limited soil profile data. In this study, an indicator variogram was used to describe the spatial structural characteristics of soil textures of 139 soil profiles. The profiles were 2m deep with sampling intervals of 0.05m, from an area of 15km² in the North China Plain. The ratios of nugget-to-sill values (SH) of experimental variograms of the soil profiles in the vertical direction were equal to 0, showing strong spatial auto-correlation. In contrast, SH ratios of 0.48-0.81 in the horizontal direction, with sampling distances of ~300m, s..

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Awarded by National Key Basic Research Special Funds

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Dr Weidong Li ( Kent State University) for providing the data used in this paper. We also thank Dr Jianbing Wu ( Stanford University) and Dr Helen Suter for their constructive comments. We appreciate funding support of the National Key Basic Research Special Funds ( 2009CB118607), ACIAR project ( LWR/ 2003/ 039), the National Key Technologies R& D Program ( 2006BDA10A06), and by the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University ( NCET- 07-0809).