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Supplementation with whole cottonseed causes long-term reduction of methane emissions from lactating dairy cows offered a forage and cereal grain diet

C Grainger, R Williams, T Clarke, A-DG Wright, RJ Eckard



The objective of our work was to supplement a forage and cereal diet of lactating dairy cows with whole cottonseed (WCS) for 12 wk and to determine whether the expected reduction in CH(4) would persist. A secondary objective was to determine the effect of supplementing the diet with WCS on milk yield and rumen function over the 12-wk feeding period. Fifty lactating cows were randomly allocated to 1 of 2 diets (control or WCS). The 2 separate groups were each offered, on average, 4.2 kg of DM/cow per day of alfalfa hay (a.m.) and 6.6 kg of DM/cow per day of ryegrass silage (p.m.) on the ground in bare paddocks each day for 12 wk. Cows in each group were also individually offered dietary suppl..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank M. Hannah for biometrical analyses and P. Moate for constructive comments on the manuscript (both of Department of Primary Industries, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia). This research was funded by The Department of Primary Industries-Victoria and the Ecologically Sustainable Action Statement fund (Department of Primary Industries, Ellinbank, Victoria, Australia).