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Identification of circulating tumour cells in early stage breast cancer patients using multi marker immunobead RT-PCR

Michael P Raynor, Sally-Anne Stephenson, Kenneth B Pittman, David CA Walsh, Michael A Henderson, Alexander Dobrovic



INTRODUCTION: The ability to screen blood of early stage operable breast cancer patients for circulating tumour cells is of potential importance for identifying patients at risk of developing distant relapse. We present the results of a study of the efficacy of the immunobead RT-PCR method in identifying patients with circulating tumour cells. RESULTS: Immunomagnetic enrichment of circulating tumour cells followed by RT-PCR (immunobead RT-PCR) with a panel of five epithelial specific markers (ELF3, EPHB4, EGFR, MGB1 and TACSTD1) was used to screen for circulating tumour cells in the peripheral blood of 56 breast cancer patients. Twenty patients were positive for two or more RT-PCR markers, i..

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Awarded by National Health and the Medical Research Council of Australia

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was funded by grants from the National Health and the Medical Research Council of Australia (350452), Scheme A of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital private practice fund, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research Foundation and the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We thank Margaret Colbeck from the Cancer Registry database at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital for her assistance, Ida Candiloro for reviewing the manuscript, and Ed Sage and Peter Bardy for their support through the various stages of this project.