Journal article

Rapid detection of SMARCB1 sequence variation using high resolution melting

Vinod Dagar, Chung-Wo Chow, David M Ashley, Elizabeth M Algar

BMC Cancer | BMC | Published : 2009


BACKGROUND: Rhabdoid tumors are rare cancers of early childhood arising in the kidney, central nervous system and other organs. The majority are caused by somatic inactivating mutations or deletions affecting the tumor suppressor locus SMARCB1 [OMIM 601607]. Germ-line SMARCB1 inactivation has been reported in association with rhabdoid tumor, epitheloid sarcoma and familial schwannomatosis, underscoring the importance of accurate mutation screening to ascertain recurrence and transmission risks. We describe a rapid and sensitive diagnostic screening method, using high resolution melting (HRM), for detecting sequence variations in SMARCB1. METHODS: Amplicons, encompassing the nine coding exons..

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