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Chylothorax: diagnosis and management in children.

Manuel Soto-Martinez, John Massie

Paediatr Respir Rev | Published : 2009


Chylothorax is the accumulation of chyle in the pleural space, as a result of damage to the thoracic duct. Chyle is milky fluid enriched with fat secreted from the intestinal cells and lymphatic fluid. Chylothorax in children, is most commonly seen as a complication of cardiothoracic surgery but may occur in newborns or conditions associated with abnormal lymphatics. The diagnosis is based on biochemical analysis of the pleural fluid, which contains chylomicrons, high levels of triglycerides and lymphocytes. Investigations to outline the lymphatic channels can prove helpful in some cases. Initial treatment consists of drainage, dietary modifications, total parenteral nutrition and time for t..

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