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Pharmacokinetics of detomidine administered to horses at rest and after maximal exercise

JAE Hubbell, RA Sams, LM Schmall, JT Robertson, KW Hinchcliff, WW Muir



REASON FOR PERFORMING STUDY: Increased doses of detomidine are required to produce sedation in horses after maximal exercise compared to calm or resting horses. OBJECTIVES: To determine if the pharmacokinetics of detomidine in Thoroughbred horses are different when the drug is given during recuperation from a brief period of maximal exercise compared to administration at rest. METHODS: Six Thoroughbred horses were preconditioned by exercising them on a treadmill. Each horse ran a simulated race at a treadmill speed that caused it to exercise at 120% of its maximal oxygen consumption. One minute after the end of exercise, horses were treated with detomidine. Each horse was treated with the sa..

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