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Hunting down fungal secretomes using liquid-phase IEF prior to high resolution 2-DE

Delphine Vincent, Marie-Helene Balesdent, Julien Gibon, Stephane Claverol, Delphine Lapaillerie, Anne-Marie Lomenech, Francoise Blaise, Thierry Rouxel, Francis Martin, Marc Bonneu, Joelle Amselem, Victoria Dominguez, Barbara J Howlett, Patrick Wincker, Johann Joets, Marc-Henri Lebrun, Christophe Plomion

ELECTROPHORESIS | WILEY | Published : 2009


The secreted proteins (secretome) of fungi play a key role in interactions of pathogenic and symbiotic fungi with plants. Using the plant pathogenic fungus Leptosphaeria maculans and symbiont Laccaria bicolor grown in culture, we have established a proteomic protocol for extraction, concentration and resolution of the fungal secretome. As no proteomic data were available on mycelium tissues from both L. maculans and L. bicolor, mycelial proteins were studied; they also helped verifying the purity of secretome samples. The quality of protein extracts was initially assessed by both 1-DE and 2-DE using first a broad pH range for IEF, and then narrower acidic and basic pH ranges, prior to 2-DE. ..

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