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Where and when to revegetate: a quantitative method for scheduling landscape reconstruction

JR Thomson, AJ Moilanen, PA Vesk, AF Bennett, R Mac Nally



Restoration of native vegetation is required in many regions of the world, but determining priority locations for revegetation is a complex problem. We consider the problem of determining spatial and temporal priorities for revegetation to maximize habitat for 62 bird species within a heavily cleared agricultural region, 11000 km2 in area. We show how a reserve-selection framework can be applied to a complex, large-scale restoration-planning problem to account for multi-species objectives and connectivity requirements at a spatial extent and resolution relevant to management. Our approach explicitly accounts for time lags in planting and development of habitat resources, which is intended to..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Awarded by Academy of Finland

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported by several grants from the Australian Research Council, including the focal grant LP0560518 (with co-funding from Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victorian Department of Primary Industries, North-Central, Goulburn-Broken, Mallee and North-East Catchment Management Authorities, and contributes to the Key Project 1.1 under the Our Rural Landscapes Initiative of the Victorian Department of Primary Industries) and DP0343898 and A19531268. A. J. Moilanen was supported by the Academy of Finland, project 202870, and by the Australian Centre of Excellence in Risk Analysis (ACERA) where he was visiting at the time this work was initiated. We thank Jim Radford and Josh Dorrough for valuable discussions and access to data, and two anonymous reviewers for helpful comments on the manuscript. This paper is number 165 from the Australian Centre for Biodiversity.