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A test of Rensch's rule in dwarf chameleons (Bradypodion spp.), a group with female-biased sexual size dimorphism

Devi Stuart-Fox



Rensch's rule describes a pattern of allometry in sexual size dimorphism (SSD): when males are the larger sex (male-biased SSD), SSD increases with increasing body size, and when females are the larger sex (female-biased SSD), SSD decreases with increasing body size. While this expectation generally holds for taxa with male-biased or mixed SSD, examples of allometry for SSD consistent with Rensch's rule in groups with primarily female-biased SSD are remarkably rare. Here, I show that the majority of dwarf chameleons (Bradypodion spp.) have female-biased SSD. In accordance with Rensch's rule, the group exhibits an allometric slope of log(female size) on log(male size) less than one, although ..

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Awarded by National Research Foundation (NRF)

Funding Acknowledgements

I am grateful to Adnan Moussalli for field assistance and critical comments on the manuscript and to Martin Whiting for facilitating this research. Funding was from a National Research Foundation (NRF) grant to DSF. Permits: MPB.5104 (Mpumalanga), 005-00001 (Limpopo), 1721/2003 and 4390/2005 (KZN), 234/2003 (Western Cape), WRO 11/03 WR (Eastern Cape).