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Fluid flow after resin-composite restoration in extracted carious teeth

Danuchit Banomyong, Joseph EA Palamara, Harold H Messer, Michael F Burrow



The aim of this study was to investigate fluid flow in dentin after restoration of carious teeth with resin composite bonded with a total-etching adhesive, with or without glass-ionomer cement lining. The roots of extracted third molars were removed and the crowns were connected to a fluid flow-measuring device. Each carious lesion was stained with caries detector dye and caries was removed using slow-speed burs and spoon excavators. Caries-excavated teeth were divided into two groups for restoration with resin composite bonded with a total-etch adhesive: (i) without lining; and (ii) lined with glass-ionomer cement before bonding. In non-carious teeth, cavities of similar dimensions were pre..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This study was supported by Melbourne Dental School, The University of Melbourne. The authors are grateful to Dr Simon Crawford (The School of Botany, The University of Melbourne) for his support in scanning electron microscopy; Dr Sandy Clark (The Statistical Consulting Centre, The University of Melbourne) for her assistance in statistical analysis; and Yuvadee Siriyasub (The Center of Nanoimaging, The Faculty of Science, Mahidol University) for her support in laser confocal microscopy. The materials were generously supplied by GC Corp. and 3M ESPE.