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Standard medical therapies do not alter colonic transit time in children with treatment-resistant slow-transit constipation

Melanie CC Clarke, Janet W Chase, Susie Gibb, Anthony G Catto-Smith, John M Hutson, Bridget R Southwell



BACKGROUND: Slow transit constipation (STC) is a form of chronic constipation characterised by prolonged passage of faecal matter through the colon. It is diagnosed by demonstrating delayed colonic transit on gastrointestinal transit studies. Traditionally, radio-opaque marker studies are performed. Recently, radioisotope nuclear transit studies (NTS) have been used in our centre to assess gastrointestinal transit time. This study aimed to evaluate if there are changes in colonic transit in STC children resistant to standard medical treatment over a prolonged period. METHODS: Children with STC resistant to standard medical therapy for > or =2 years who had undergone two separate NTS to asses..

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