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Lactation transcriptomics in the Australian marsupial, Macropus eugenii: transcript sequencing and quantification

Christophe M Lefevre, Matthew R Digby, Jane C Whitley, Yvan Strahm, Kevin R Nicholas

BMC Genomics | BMC | Published : 2007


BACKGROUND: Lactation is an important aspect of mammalian biology and, amongst mammals, marsupials show one of the most complex lactation cycles. Marsupials, such as the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii) give birth to a relatively immature newborn and progressive changes in milk composition and milk production regulate early stage development of the young. RESULTS: In order to investigate gene expression in the marsupial mammary gland during lactation, a comprehensive set of cDNA libraries was derived from lactating tissues throughout the lactation cycle of the tammar wallaby. A total of 14,837 express sequence tags were produced by cDNA sequencing. Sequence analysis and sequence assembly we..

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