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Retinal Microvascular Signs May Provide Clues to the Underlying Vasculopathy in Patients With Deep Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Michelle L Baker, Peter J Hand, Gerald Liew, Tien Y Wong, Elena Rochtchina, Paul Mitchell, Richard I Lindley, Graeme J Hankey, Jie Jin Wang



BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Deep intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) and lacunar infarcts are the result of small vessel disease, whereas nonlacunar infarcts are often caused by large artery atherosclerosis or cardiac embolism. We hypothesized that patients with deep ICH and lacunar infarcts have similar retinal microvascular signs and that these differ from those seen in patients with nonlacunar infarcts. METHODS: We studied patients with acute stroke and classified their stroke as deep ICH, lacunar infarction, or nonlacunar infarction. In a masked fashion we assessed retinal photographs for quantitative and qualitative evidence of microvascular damage. RESULTS: We recruited 630 patients (51 had dee..

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