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Role of the Hepatocyte Growth Factor Gene in Refractive Error

Sundar Veerappan, Kelly K Pertile, Amirul FM Islam, Maria Schaeche, Christine Y Chen, Paul Mitchell, Mohamed Dirani, Paul N Baird



OBJECTIVE: Refractive errors such as myopia and hypermetropia are among the leading causes of visual impairment worldwide. Several genetic loci have been associated with myopia but none to date have been reported for hypermetropia. We investigated the hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) as a candidate gene influencing these 2 refractive error states. DESIGN: Case-control study. PARTICIPANTS: A total of 551 individuals (193 males, 358 females; mean age, 55.41+/-12.65 years) including 117 individuals with high myopia +2.00 D) were included in the analysis from 3 different Australian population cohorts (The Genes in Myopia Study, the Blue Mountains Eye Study, and the Melbourne Visual impairment proj..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Supported by the Australian Federal Government through the Cooperative Research Centres Program, the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia, Joan and Peter Clemenger Trust, Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, L. E. W Carty Trust, Angior Family Foundation, the Myra Stoicesco Charitable Trust as administered by Equity Trustees Ltd and the Sunshine Foundation.