Journal article

Functional imaging of renal cell carcinoma

Nathan Lawrentschuk, Ian D Davis, Damien M Bolton, Andrew M Scott



The incidence of early and advanced-stage renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is increasing. Methods of diagnosing, staging and evaluating tumor burden that are more accurate and reliable than the currently available options are needed in order to identify RCC at a stage at which it is curable and to accurately determine the response to treatment. Functional imaging, particularly with combined PET-CT, might improve accuracy of detection and provide essential information that has been unavailable to date. This approach is against a background in which targeted therapies for metastatic RCC have entered clinical practice in the past few years, further highlighting the importance of accurate imaging for ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Lorraine Trecroce, a student from the Division of Biomedical Communications, University of Toronto, Canada, for creating the original artwork on which Figure 1 is based. N. Lawrentschuk is supported in part by a grant from The University of Toronto, Princess Margaret Hospital Campbell Family Trust, Surgical Oncology Fellowship, Toronto, Canada. I. D. Davis is supported in part by a Victorian Cancer Agency Clinical Researcher Fellowship, and is an Australian National Health and Medical Research Council Honorary Practitioner Fellow.