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Cavitation microstreaming and stress fields created by microbubbles

James Collis, Richard Manasseh, Petar Liovic, Paul Tho, Andrew Ooi, Karolina Petkovic-Duran, Yonggang Zhu

Ultrasonics | ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV | Published : 2010


Cavitation microstreaming plays a role in the therapeutic action of microbubbles driven by ultrasound, such as the sonoporative and sonothrombolytic phenomena. Microscopic particle-image velocimetry experiments are presented. Results show that many different microstreaming patterns are possible around a microbubble when it is on a surface, albeit for microbubbles much larger than used in clinical practice. Each pattern is associated with a particular oscillation mode of the bubble, and changing between patterns is achieved by changing the sound frequency. Each microstreaming pattern also generates different shear stress and stretch/compression distributions in the vicinity of a bubble on a w..

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