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A theoretical and experimental analysis of calcium speciation and precipitation in dairy ultrafiltration permeate

G Rice, A Barber, A O'Connor, G Stevens, S Kentish



Dairy ultrafiltration permeate is a fluid that is often discarded from the manufacturing process. However, downstream processes such as nanofiltration can be used to separate the valuable lactose and calcium from the monovalent salts, facilitating recovery of a valuable by-product. Previous work has shown that the nanofiltration membrane can suffer from significant fouling due to calcium precipitation. In this work, a model describing the speciation and fouling potential of calcium salts in skim milk ultrafiltration permeate is presented. Results are compared with experimentally determined calcium concentrations in both laboratory prepared solutions and permeate obtained directly from a dair..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Some experiments and preliminary analysis were conducted by Junyi (Jason) Lu, Michael Schmidt and Pita Danuprasetiyo. Their assistance is gratefully acknowledged. Funding for this project was provided through an Australian Research Council Linkage Projects grant. Additional cash funding and all dairy fluids were provided directly by Burra Foods Australia. This support is also gratefully acknowledged. Infrastructure support was also provided by the Particulate Fluids Processing Centre, a Special Research Centre of the Australian Research Council.