Journal article

Severe and disabling constipation: An adverse effect of pregabalin

Jordan T Kamel, Wendyl J D'Souza, Mark J Cook

EPILEPSIA | WILEY | Published : 2010


The incidence of constipation as an adverse effect of pregabalin has previously been reported as low, with all cases described as either mild or moderate. From the experience of a tertiary referral epilepsy hospital center, we report several cases of severe and disabling constipation after initiating pregabalin, and resolving only on drug withdrawal. Of 80 consecutive patients, six (7.5%) developed significant constipation within 1-2 weeks of commencing pregabalin. Constipation was the most frequent adverse effect that required pregabalin to be withdrawn (6.3% of patients). The severity of symptoms was dose dependent. Pregabalin can cause marked constipation in some patients, and can lead to..

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