Journal article

Hfp inhibits Drosophila myc transcription and cell growth in a TFIIH/Hay-dependent manner

Naomi C Mitchell, Timothy M Johanson, Nicola J Cranna, Amanda Lee Jue Er, Helena E Richardson, Ross D Hannan, Leonie M Quinn

Development | COMPANY OF BIOLOGISTS LTD | Published : 2010


Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Mario Zurita for the anti-Hay and Julie Secombe and Bob Eisenman for anti-dMyc antibodies; Gretchen Poortinga for helping develop the ChIP experiments in Drosophila; Ben Britten Smith for developing image analysis software; Peter Burke for help with injection of the UAS-hay transgene; and Nancy Reyes and the IMVS animal house for preparation of the Hfp antibody. This work was supported by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and Cancer Council Victoria (CCV). L. M. Q. and N.C.M. are supported by an NHMRC project grant. H. E. R. and R. D. H. both hold Senior NHMRC Fellowships. N.J.C. is supported by an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA).