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Contrasting effects of ghrelin and des-acyl ghrelin on the lumbo-sacral defecation center and regulation of colorectal motility in rats

H Hirayama, T Shiina, T Shima, H Kuramoto, T Takewaki, JB Furness, Y Shimizu



BACKGROUND: We have previously demonstrated that a centrally penetrant ghrelin receptor agonist enhances colorectal motility, through activation of the lumbo-sacral defecation center (L6-S1 region of the spinal cord) in rats. In the present study, we examined the effects of the native peptide and its non-acylated counterpart in eliciting this stimulatory effect on colorectal motility. METHODS: Rats were anesthetised with α-chloralose and ketamine, and colorectal intraluminal pressure and propelled intraluminal liquid volume were recorded in vivo. KEY RESULTS: Intrathecal application of acylated ghrelin to the L6-S1 region of the spinal cord, but not intravenous application, elicited groups o..

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