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The Arterial Supply of the Long Head of Biceps Tendon: Anatomical Study with Implications for Tendon Rupture

Nicholas Mauwei Cheng, Wei-Ren Pan, Fatima Vally, Cara Michelle Le Roux, Martin Donald Richardson

CLINICAL ANATOMY | WILEY | Published : 2010


Zones of hypovascularity are thought to exist in several tendons of the shoulder, contributing to localized tendon weakness and subsequent rupture in clinical practice. Although these zones have been demonstrated in many frequently ruptured tendons, the existence of a similar area in the often ruptured long head of biceps (LHB) tendon is largely unknown. Twenty cadaveric upper limb specimens were dissected after injection with either a radio-opaque lead oxide/milk mixture or India ink, followed by histological sectioning of the tendons. The LHB tendon was consistently supplied via its osteotendinous and musculotendinous junctions by branches of the thoracoacromial and brachial arteries respe..

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