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Late Pleistocene sea-level oscillations (MIS 10-2) recorded in shallow marine and coastal plain sediments of the southern Wanganui Basin, New Zealand

Glenn R Hughes, David M Kennedy



The northern Wanganui Basin, New Zealand, is one of the key global sites for understanding marine cyclic sedimentation during the Quaternary. This paper presents the first evidence of marine cyclic sedimentation from its central-southern parts. Sedimentological, micropalaeontological and palynological analyses on a 280-m-deep borehole encountered units dating back to MIS 10. The sequence includes four marine cycles spanning MIS 9-5, which are overlain by terrestrial fluvial aggradation surfaces dating from MIS 4-2. Each marine unit represents a progressively shallowing depositional environment from the mid-shelf to coastal plain. This is overlain by a terrestrial sequence of lowstand fluvial..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank HorizonsMW (Manawatu Regional Council) for project funding and Neville Webb and Sons Drilling Ltd for borehole sampling. The assistance of the following people also contributed to the analyses; John Collen (foraminifera), Brent Alloway (tephra), Tony Edwards (nannofossils) and Rachel Armour (pollen). Critical reviews by Tim Naish and an anonymous reviewer, Plus editorial comments of Jim Knox improved the manuscript.