Book Chapter

Afterword: Badiou's futures

AJ Bartlett, J Clemens

Alain Badiou: Key Concepts | Published : 2011


In keeping with the tenor of this collection, we shall conclude by summarizing the aetiology and import of some of Badiou's key concepts in order to ask: where to from here? Above all, we need to reiterate that Badiou is continuing to practise philosophy in “the fullness of its ambition”. For Badiou, this has meant returning to the “origin” of Western philosophy in order to show that: “Plato” exceeds the critiques of “Platonism” that dominated the twentieth century; that this “excessive” Plato offers a mode of thinking that entails an attention to the “conditions” of science, art, love and politics; that this further involves the construction of philosophy against its intimate others, such a..

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