Conference Proceedings

Radar-on-a-Chip (ROACH)

Mei Li, Robin J Evans, Efstratios Skafidas, Bill Moran

2010 IEEE RADAR CONFERENCE | IEEE | Published : 2010


We discuss a single chip millimeter wave direct-conversion transceiver fabricated using 65 nm Bulk CMOS technology to produce a low power, ultra low cost radar-on-a-chip (ROACH). The proposed ROACH system operates at carrier frequencies around 77 GHz, and is capable of detecting a 0.5 square meter target at several hundred meters. We present a novel technology based radar equation, called the ROACH Equation, which presents radar performance in terms of technology parameters. In addition, building on the precise relationship between differential phase noise and coherent integration duration, we establish optimal conditions for switching between coherent integration mode and incoherent integra..

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