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Anticoagulation in neonates and children: Pitfalls and dilemmas

Paul Monagle, Fiona Newall, Janine Campbell



Anticoagulation in children is problematic for many reasons, related to the patient population as well as the anticoagulant drugs themselves. This paper describes the multitude of reasons why providing anticoagulation therapy in children is different from anticoagulation therapy in adults, and hence why dedicated paediatric anticoagulant services are the ideal structure to provide this service. The paper then describes the three most common anticoagulants used in children, and details specifically what is and is not known about them in the paediatric population. Finally the paper addresses the issue of how best to introduce newer anticoagulant drugs into the paediatric population. There rema..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Paul Monagle has been paid for expert testimony in a case where the child received an accidental overdose of UFH in the USA. Paul Monagle was assisting the child and not the drug company and there is no mention of any specific drug company in this manuscript. Paul Monagle has received funding grants from Roche to conduct studies of home INR monitoring using coaguchek x and coaguchek XS.