Journal article

Central carbon metabolism of Leishmania parasites

Eleanor C Saunders, David P de Souza, Thomas Naderer, Marijke F Sernee, Julie E Ralton, Maria A Doyle, James I MacRae, Jenny L Chambers, Joanne Heng, Amsha Nahid, Vladimir A Likic, Malcolm J McConville

Parasitology | CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS | Published : 2010


Leishmania spp. are sandfly-transmitted protozoa parasites that cause a spectrum of diseases in humans. Many enzymes involved in Leishmania central carbon metabolism differ from their equivalents in the mammalian host and are potential drug targets. In this review we summarize recent advances in our understanding of Leishmania central carbon metabolism, focusing on pathways of carbon utilization that are required for growth and pathogenesis in the mammalian host. While Leishmania central carbon metabolism shares many features in common with other pathogenic trypanosomatids, significant differences are also apparent. Leishmania parasites are also unusual in constitutively expressing most core..

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