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Long-Range dependence in a cox process Directed by a Markov Renewal process

DJ Daley, T Rolski, R Vesilo

Advances in Decision Sciences | Published : 2007


A Cox process NCox directed by a stationary random measure ξ has second moment var NCox(0,t]=E(ξ(0,t])+var ξ(0,t], where by stationarity E(ξ(0,t])=(const.)t=E(NCox(0,t]), so long-range dependence (LRD) properties of NCox coincide with LRD properties of the random measure ξ. When ξ(A)=∫AνJ(u)du is determined by a density that depends on rate parameters νi(i∈𝕏) and the current state J(⋅) of an 𝕏-valued stationary irreducible Markov renewal process (MRP) for some countable state space 𝕏 (so J(t) is a stationary semi-Markov process on 𝕏), the random measure is LRD if and only if each (and then by irreducibility, every) generic return time Yjj(j∈X) of the process for entries to state j has in..

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