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Acoustic Bubble Sizes, Coalescence, and Sonochemical Activity in Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions Saturated with Different Gases

Adam Brotchie, Tom Statham, Meifang Zhou, Leena Dharmarathne, Franz Grieser, Muthupandian Ashokkumar



Acoustic bubble sizes, coalescence behavior, and sonochemical activity have been investigated in water in the presence of various electrolyte additives (KCl, HCl, and NaNO(3)) and saturating gases-helium, air, and argon. A strong correlation was identified between the bubble radius and the dissolved gas concentration in the cavitation medium. The extent of bubble coalescence for each gas was also studied in different electrolyte solutions. A causal relationship between coalescence and bubble size was inferred. Importantly, the effects of the different electrolytes could be completely attributed to their "salting out" effect on the dissolved gas, providing valuable insight into the contentiou..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The financial support from the Australian Research Council is gratefully acknowledged. A.B. also acknowledges the receipt of an Australian Postgraduate Award and a David Lachlan Flay Postgraduate Writing-up Award from The University of Melbourne.