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Family storytelling for grandparents and grandchildren living apart

R Vutborg, J Kjeldskov, S Pedell, F Vetere

NordiCHI 2010: Extending Boundaries - Proceedings of the 6th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction | Published : 2010


Grandparents may feel revitalized when a grandchild joins the family, but the physical separation that often exists between grandparents and grandchildren can make it difficult to develop a close relationship. Current communication technologies, such as the phone, are inadequate for developing close relationships with children. This paper presents the design, implementation and evaluation of a technology probe exploring how technology can be designed to alleviate this problem. Based on the evaluation, four important themes for designing technology for distributed intergen-erational bonding are elicited and discussed. The four themes are Conversational Context (to have something to talk about..

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