Conference Proceedings

Recent MCAS applications on hypernuclei and radiative capture

L Canton, K Amos, S Karataglidis, JP Svenne

CERN-Proceedings | Published : 2010


In recent years, we have developed a Multi-Channel Algebraic Scattering (MCAS) approach to study low-energy nucleon-nucleus scattering, resonance phenomena, and sub-threshold spectra for medium-light nuclei. We have considered compound nuclei that are stable, or weakly bound, and have also extended the analysis to very unstable systems that are unbound with respect to proton emission, namely, that are beyond the proton drip line. More recent developments concerned the application of the MCAS approach to the analysis of the spectra of two hypernuclear systems, 9δBe and 13δC. We have studied the splitting of the two odd-parity excited levels (1/2- and 3/2-) at 11 MeV excitation in 13δC, findin..

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