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Historical biogeographical patterns in continental Australia: congruence among areas of endemism of two major clades of eucalypts

Pauline Ladiges, Carlos Parra-O, Adele Gibbs, Frank Udovicic, Gareth Nelson, Michael Bayly



Published phylogenies of two eucalypt clades, red bloodwoods Corymbia subgenus Corymbia and eudesmids Eucalyptus subgenus Eudesmia (Myrtaceae), were combined for an analysis of historical biogeographical area relationships within continental Australia. The method of paralogy-free subtree analysis was used to eliminate geographical paralogy; the paralogy-free subtrees were coded as characters for parsimony analysis to find the minimal and area cladogram, which proved to be informative of a continent-wide pattern. The eucalypt fossil record and molecular dating studies allow an interpretation of the biogeographical history in terms of major vicariance events that date from the early Paleogene...

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was funded by an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage grant, including financial support from the Maud Gibson Trust, RBG Melbourne and RBG Sydney. Adele Gibbs and Carlos Parra-O each received a Hansjorg Eichler Scientific Research Award from the Australian Systematic Botany Society, a Melbourne Research Scholarship and an Albert Shimmin Award, Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne; Adele Gibbs also received the Ethel Mclennan Award from the School of Botany Foundation. C.P.-O. is grateful to the Universidad Nacional de Colombia for its continuous support.