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Quantifying stem growth loss at the tree-level in a Pinus radiata plantation to repeated attack by the aphid, Essigella californica

Alieta Eyles, Andrew P Robinson, David Smith, Angus Carnegie, Ian Smith, Christine Stone, Caroline Mohammed



Since its detection in 1998, the exotic aphid pest, Essigella californica Essig (Hemiptera: Aphididae) has caused extensive defoliation in commercial Pinus radiata plantations throughout Australia. A total of one hundred and twenty plots encompassing thirty tree ages, and three thinning treatments were established in September 2006 in southern New South Wales, Australia to assess crown health and tree growth. Assessments were carried out annually during 2006-2009 to quantify the relationship between natural aphid-induced defoliation and growth loss at the individual tree level. Over the course of the four years, particularly in 2006, trees were subjected to moisture stress, as indicated by a..

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Awarded by Cooperative Research Centre for Forestry

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Eva Ampe, Karen Barry, Jody Bruce, Catherine Carney, Darius Culvenor, David Page, Charlma Phillips, Neil Sims, Jan Verbesselt, Darius Culvenor, Russell Haines, Matt Nagel, Audrey Quentin, Zenon Hextall and Forests NSW staff, including Ian Hides for assistance with fieldwork. Thanks to Dr Peter Hopmans for valuable comments on earlier drafts of the manuscript. We thank the Cooperative Research Centre for Forestry (sub-project 1.2.2) ( for financial support and Forests NSW for use of their forest and in kind support.