Journal article

Transcriptome analyses of mouse and human mammary cell subpopulations reveal multiple conserved genes and pathways

Elgene Lim, Di Wu, Bhupinder Pal, Toula Bouras, Marie-Liesse Asselin-Labat, Francois Vaillant, Hideo Yagita, Geoffrey J Lindeman, Gordon K Smyth, Jane E Visvader

Breast Cancer Research | BMC | Published : 2010


Funding Acknowledgements

We are grateful to K. Stoev and M. Everest for excellent animal husbandry and microarray expression profiling, respectively. Microarray experiments were carried out in the Australian Genome Research Facility, Melbourne. This work was supported by the Victorian Cancer Agency through the Victorian Breast Cancer Research Consortium, National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC, Australia) and the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. EL was supported by the NHMRC and National Breast Cancer Foundation; MA, by the Australian Research Council; TB, by the National Breast Cancer Foundation; and GJL, GKS, and JEV by the NHMRC.