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Biogeography of the Australian monsoon tropics

DMJS Bowman, GK Brown, MF Braby, JR Brown, LG Cook, MD Crisp, F Ford, S Haberle, J Hughes, Y Isagi, L Joseph, J McBride, G Nelson, PY Ladiges



Aim This paper reviews the biogeography of the Australian monsoon tropical biome to highlight general patterns in the distribution of a range of organisms and their environmental correlates and evolutionary history, as well as to identify knowledge gaps. Location Northern Australia, Australian Monsoon Tropics (AMT). The AMT is defined by areas that receive more than 85% of rainfall between November and April. Methods Literature is summarized, including the origin of the monsoon climate, present-day environment, biota and habitat types, and phylogenetic and geographical relationships of selected organisms. Results Some species are widespread throughout the AMT while others are narrow-range en..

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