Journal article

The brain to gut pathway: a possible route of prion transmission

Victoria A Lawson, John B Furness, Helen M Klemm, Louise Pontell, Ewan Chan, Andrew F Hill, Roberto Chiocchetti

GUT | B M J PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2010


OBJECTIVE: The intestine is recognised to play a key role in the transmission of prion diseases. These diseases are associated with pathological isoforms (PrP(Sc)) of the normal cellular prion protein (PrP(C)) and can be transmitted between individuals or arise spontaneously. The brain, as the primary site of prion replication, could provide infectious prions to peripheral tissues. Here, we examine whether the brain is a source of intestinal prion accumulation. METHODS: Following intracerebral inoculation with human origin prions the ileums of BalbC mice with clinical prion disease were assessed by Western immunoblot and immunohistochemical analysis for the presence of PrP(Sc) and the surviv..

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