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Sulphate as a xylem-borne chemical signal precedes the expression of ABA biosynthetic genes in maize roots

Laura Ernst, Jason QD Goodger, Sophie Alvarez, Ellen L Marsh, Bert Berla, Eric Lockhart, Jiyul Jung, Pinghua Li, Hans J Bohnert, Daniel P Schachtman



Recent reports suggest that early sensing of soil water stress by plant roots and the concomitant reduction in stomatal conductance may not be mediated by root-sourced abscisic acid (ABA), but that other xylem-borne chemicals may be the primary stress signal(s). To gain more insight into the role of root-sourced ABA, the timing and location of the expression of genes for key enzymes involved in ABA biosynthesis in Zea mays roots was measured and a comprehensive analysis of root xylem sap constituents from the early to the later stages of water stress was conducted. Xylem sap and roots were sampled from plants at an early stage of water stress when only a reduction in leaf conductance was mea..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This research was funded by NSF-Plant Genome Program Grant (no. 0211842) to DPS. DPS thanks the Monsanto Company for supporting completion of this manuscript. JQDG is the recipient of an Australian Research Council Post-doctoral Fellowship (Industry linkage project no. LP0775362).