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The effect of molecule size and shape on free charge generation, transport and recombination in all-thiophene dendrimer: fullerene bulk heterojunctions

Attila J Mozer, Chang-Qi Ma, Wallace WH Wong, David J Jones, Peter Baeuerle, Gordon G Wallace



Charge mobilities of all-thiophene dendrimers were studied using the charge extraction by linearly increasing voltage technique (CELIV). Four dendrimers differing in size, shape and with and without trimethylsilyl (TMS) protecting groups have been compared yielding important structure-property correlations: The hole mobility of the dendrimers with 21 or 42 thiophene units was found to be very similar and around 10-5 cm2 V-1 s-1, indicating that shape and size of the studied dendrimers have little effect on their charge transport properties. Hole mobility is decreased by a factor of 3-10 by incorporation of TMS groups, which is attributed to the intrinsically slower electron transfer rates be..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The Australian Research Council is acknowledged for funding. AJM, GGW, WWHWand DJJ acknowledge the support from International Science Linkage Project CG 100059 (DIISR, Australia). CQM and PB would like to acknowledge DFG and DAAD for financial support. WWHW also thanks the Go8-DAAD research co-operation scheme for funding. The authors thank Professor Andrew B. Holmes (Bio21 Institute, The University of Melbourne) for his interest and support in this work, and Professor Rene A.J. Janssen and Dr. Martijn M. Wienk (Eindhoven University of Technology) for their helpful discussions. We thank CSIRO MHT for access to device fabrication equipment.