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Using 3PG to simulate longterm growth and transpiration in Eucalyptus regnans forests

P Feikema, J Morris, C Beverly, P Lane, T Baker

Modelling for Environment's Sake: Proceedings of the 5th Biennial Conference of the International Environmental Modelling and Software Society, iEMSs 2010 | Published : 2010


The amount of water derived from forested water supply catchments depends largely on forest evapotranspiration, which in turn depends on forest age and structure. There is increasing interest to predict the effects of forest disturbance (e.g. fire) and management (e.g. thinning) on streamflow. One approach is to incorporate present knowledge of water use into process-based models that simultaneously predict water use and growth of forests. We take 3PG+, an enhanced version of the 3PG forest growth model with a daily multi-layered water balance, and validate it for multi-species Eucalyptus regnans forests. The model has to date been applied to single-species forests or plantations, and adapta..

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