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Validation of numerical model for bubble dispersion over a hydrofoil

SJ Zhu, A Ooi, HM Blackburn, B Anderson

OCEANS'10 IEEE Sydney, OCEANSSYD 2010 | Published : 2010


This study presents the direct numerical simulations (DNS) of bubbly wake flows. The DNS with Lagrangian particle dynamics (LPD) model is applied to the cases of bubble dispersion over a cylinder and a hydrofoil. The model validation is performed on the experimental data for the bubble behaviour in the wake of a circular cylinder. It is confirmed that the simulated distributions of bubble stream agree well with the trend of the measurement. The effect of angle of attack of a hydrofoil on the downstream bubble distribution is analysed. It is found that bubble stream deflection increases with increasing angle of attack. These results demonstrate that the joint DNS/LPD model can be applied to p..

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