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EGM: encapsulated gene-by-gene matching to identify gene orthologs and homologous segments in genomes

Khalid Mahmood, Arun S Konagurthu, Jiangning Song, Ashley M Buckle, Geoffrey I Webb, James C Whisstock

Bioinformatics | OXFORD UNIV PRESS | Published : 2010


MOTIVATION: Identification of functionally equivalent genes in different species is essential to understand the evolution of biological pathways and processes. At the same time, identification of strings of conserved orthologous genes helps identify complex genomic rearrangements across different organisms. Such an insight is particularly useful, for example, in the transfer of experimental results between different experimental systems such as Drosophila and mammals. RESULTS: Here, we describe the Encapsulated Gene-by-gene Matching (EGM) approach, a method that employs a graph matching strategy to identify gene orthologs and conserved gene segments. Given a pair of genomes, EGM constructs a..

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