Journal article

Microsatellite markers and mtDNA data indicate two distinct groups in dwarf galaxias, Galaxiella pusilla (Mack) (Pisces: Galaxiidae), a threatened freshwater fish from south-eastern Australia

RA Coleman, V Pettigrove, TA Raadik, AA Hoffmann, AD Miller, ME Carew

Conservation Genetics | SPRINGER | Published : 2010


Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Melbourne Water Corporation for funding this research. Thanks also to members of CESAR for ongoing assistance, particularly Nancy Endersby, Andrew Weeks, Paul Mitrovski, Paul Umina and Rob Good for advice on laboratory methods, and Andrew Weeks, Mark Blacket and Elise Furlan for advice on data analysis. Thanks to Edward Tsyrlin and to Megan, James and Harry Coleman for assistance in the field and to Peter Unmack and Michael Hammer for correspondence regarding the progress and outcomes of their dwarf galaxias study. Adam Mattinson is thanked for his assistance with the map and finally, thanks to John McGuckin and Ron Lewis for ongoing practical discussions regarding survey techniques and potential survey locations. Constructive comments on a draft of this manuscript from three reviewers (including Chris Burridge) are also greatly appreciated. Research was carried out with Melbourne University animal ethics approval (AEC 0705391) and relevant State research permits for threatened species, national parks and fisheries permits for South Australia (PIRSA 9902114), Victoria (DPI RP916, DSE 10004233) and Tasmania (IFS 2008-7, TFA 08090).