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A quantitative Late Quaternary temperature reconstruction from western Tasmania, Australia

Michael-Shawn Fletcher, Ian Thomas



Late Quaternary temperature estimates from the mid latitudes of the Australian region suggest a breakdown in the tight coupling observed between oceanic and atmospheric temperatures over the recent past that has significant implications for our understanding of the response of the Earth's climate system to global climate change and orbital forcing. Here, we present a pollen-based quantitative temperature reconstruction from the mid latitudes of Australia that spans the last 135 000 years, enabling us to address this critical issue. Gradient analysis of a pollen dataset inclusive of over 1100 Quaternary and modern pollen spectra demonstrates the dominant influence of temperature over Quaterna..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We would like to acknowledge and thank Mike MacPhail, Eric Colhoun and Guus van der Geer, whose pioneering palaeoenvironmental research forms the backbone of this analysis and who set the firm foundations for Quaternary research in Tasmania. MSF was in receipt of an Australian Postgraduate Award at the University of Melbourne during the course of the research. We would like to thank the Mazda Foundation, AINSE, AIATSIS and the Institute of Ecology of Biodiversity. Chile, for fiscal and logistical support. We also thank two anonymous referees for their comments on an earlier draft and Patricio Moreno for enlightening conversations on Southern Hemisphere Quaternary environmental change.