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Linear Ablation of Right Atrial Free Wall Flutter: Demonstration of Bidirectional Conduction Block as an Endpoint Associated With Long-Term Success

Richard L Snowdon, Richard Balasubramaniam, Andrew W Teh, Haris M Haqqani, Caroline Medi, Raphael Rosso, Jitendra K Vohra, Peter M Kistler, Joseph B Morton, Paul B Sparks, Jonathan M Kalman



INTRODUCTION: Ablation for atypical atrial flutter (AFL) is often performed during tachycardia, with termination or noninducibility of AFL as the endpoint. Termination alone is, however, an inadequate endpoint for typical AFL ablation, where incomplete isthmus block leads to high recurrence rates. We assessed conduction block across a low lateral right atrial (RA) ablation line (LRA) from free wall scar to the inferior vena cava (IVC) or tricuspid annulus in 11 consecutive patients with atypical RA free wall flutter. METHOD AND RESULTS: LRA block was assessed following termination of AFL, by pacing from the ablation catheter in the low lateral RA posterior to the ablation line and recording ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Dr. Haqqani is the recipient of a Medical Postgraduate Scholarship from the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia, and a Cardiovascular Lipid Research Grant. Dr. Teh is the recipient of a National Heart Foundation of Australia postgraduate research scholarship. Dr. Kistler is the recipient of the 14thWCC Inaugural Investigatorship from the Cardiac Society of Australasia (CSANZ).Professor Kalman has received research funding support from St. Jude Medical and Medtronic. Other authors: No disclosures.