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A New Class of Easily Generated TCNQ(2-)-Based Coordination Polymers

Brendan F Abrahams, Robert W Elliott, Timothy A Hudson, Richard Robson

Crystal Growth & Design | AMER CHEMICAL SOC | Published : 2010


New types of coordination polymers containing [M(TCNQ)] sheets in which the TCNQ component is present as the little known dianion TCNQ are obtained in a very simple manner using readily available TCNQH (i.e. 1,4- (NC) CH·C H 3·CH(CN) ) as the starting material. Above and below the metal centers in the sheets, a range of pyridine derivatives can be attached, some terminal and some acting as pillars linking sheet to sheet to form a 3Dcoordination network. The following compounds, generally in solvated form, were isolated and structurally characterized;[M(TCNQ)(pyridine) ] (M=Mn or Zn), [M(TCNQ)(quinoline) ] (M=Co or Zn), [Mn(TCNQ)(4-methylpyridine) ], [Zn(TCNQ)(4-phenylpyridine) ], [Zn(TC..

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