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Three-Dimensional Nanofibrous Scaffolds Incorporating Immobilized BDNF Promote Proliferation and Differentiation of Cortical Neural Stem Cells

Malcolm K Horne, David R Nisbet, John S Forsythe, Clare L Parish

Stem Cells and Development | MARY ANN LIEBERT, INC | Published : 2010


Attempts to repair the central nervous system damaged as a result of trauma or disease will depend on the ability to restore the appropriate neuronal connectivity. This will rely on establishing appropriate chemical and physical environments for supporting neural cells and their processes and in this regard, engineering of biomaterials is of increasing interest. It will be important to understand how cells behave on these biomaterials in vitro, prior to future in vivo application. We reveal that modification of 3-dimensional (3D) electrospun poly-epsilon-caprolactone (PCL) nanofiber scaffolds by fiber alignment and aminolysation is superior to classical 2-dimensional (2D) culture-ware in pro..

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