Journal article

A naturally occurring variant of Hsp90 that is associated with decanalization

Carla M Sgro, Benjamin Wegener, Ary A Hoffmann

Royal Society of London. Proceedings B. Biological Sciences | ROYAL SOC | Published : 2010


The heat shock protein Hsp90 has been the focus of many studies since it was suggested that it acts to mediate the buffering of phenotypic variation. Hsp90-mediated buffering may result in the accumulation of cryptic genetic variation that, when released either as a consequence of environmental or genetic stress, increases the evolvability of a population. Recent studies using laboratory-induced mutations of Hsp90 and/or chemical inhibition to disrupt Hsp90 function confirm that Hsp90 can buffer cryptic genetic variation. We have previously identified a naturally occurring variant in the charged linker region of the Hsp90 gene, and now examine whether this variant is associated with altered ..

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